The Uncomfortable Calculus of Deciding Whether to take a Sick Day

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Inspired by real events.

11:13pm:  Man, I feel pretty lousy. I thought I’d be over this by now.  Wonder if I should take a sick day tomorrow?  

11:14pm: Nah, that’s probably not a good idea.  We’re already a week behind on project #1, projects 2 and 3 are on my to-do list for Monday, and projects 4 through 6 are hot on their heels. If I stay home, it just puts us further behind.  I’ll just go to bed at a good hour, and hope a good night’s rest gets me ready for Monday.

11:30pm: *lights out*

11:59pm:  *turns over for the 37th time*

12:03am:  *gets up because nose starts running — again*  Why must my sinuses produce water? This is weird. Is this grown-up snot? Just more annoying than regular snot?

12:15am: Husband flees bedroom for more peaceful sleeping options.

12:30am: *drifts off to sleep*

1:07am: *wakes up*  Wonder what time it is. Feels late. Yeah. Yeah! It’s working! I’m getting some sleep!  *looks at clock*   Oh…..

1:08am: Maybe I should take a sick day tomorrow after all.  No, got too much to do.  Let’s go back to sleep….

3:23am:  *snot*  *look at clock* *sighs*

3:24am: Why am I itchy right THERE? In that spot I can’t possibly reach unless I get up and fold myself into a pretzel?  Maybe I can ignore it.

3:25am:  Ignoring it.  Ignoring it. Ignoring it.


3:27am:  *listens to the silence* Maybe I can turn over so these achey parts won’t be as achey. Guess not. *curses gravity’s effect on viscous bodily fluids

3:28am: I probably shouldn’t go to work tomorrow. It’s 3:30 in the morning.

3:29am:  I’m such a wimp! Pioneer women didn’t get to take a sick day!  Marines don’t take sick days! I work in an office, for pity’s sake. I can sit in my chair and work.

3:30am:   Or I can sit in my chair at  home and work, to be honest.  I could work on projects 2 and 3…..  *thinks about work*

3:35am:  *drifts off to sleep*

5:55am:  So do I go to work or not? *stretches*  Still achey. No fever. Headache isn’t too bad.  Throat is ok. 

6:05am:  But work is a half hour away. If I get there and then feel crappy, I still have to get back home.  Maybe I’ll just work from home today. 

6:06am:  Actually, I feel like I’ve been run over.  Sick days were probably meant for stuff like this. 

8:01am:  Guess it’s a sick day…..

Dedicated to all the workers out there who know the struggle between feeling like crap and not wanting to return to a bigger pile than they left at work the day before.  Listen to your momma: take a sick day.




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