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The value of artists for the church

This thought struck me today:  Do the “worship wars” exist in our churches (and I’m thinking of conservative Evangelicals mostly) because we lack a deep and meaningful theology of art? Do we devalue certain kinds of music or performance because, generally speaking, we devalue the artists among us? I realize that […]

Comedy as Art

My friend Sara lives and works in NYC. Her day jobs pay the bills and serve up plenty of inspiration for her passion: writing (especially comedy). Enjoy: sara harvey, epic, daily (Love note to Art, thinky comedy, tiny mailboxes and delight)

Summertime Livin’

Sorry, folks, for the long hiatus from writing, but — it’s summer.  #sorrynotsorry Days are long (and sometimes hot). There are books to be read, games to be played, people to be seen, and (most importantly) fresh produce to be consumed — made a cobbler today; cannot WAIT till all […]