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Discussion ideas for Ex Machina

Have you seen Ex Machina? No? GET OUT THERE and find a theater showing this excellent sci-fi flick. It’s a tight, well-told story. If you’ve seen the movie, I invite you to check out this post offering discussion questions and ideas for those who have seen the film. SPOILERS!

Worth your time to read

A few good reads to kick off your week. One should never approach Monday without a good read around. To kick off, this piece by Kutter Callaway of Fuller Seminary really hit home with me today when I read it in a back issue of Fuller Magazine that we got […]

Trust the process

“The Process.” We should print it in big, bold letters because that’s how this idea rolls: The Process. ***** I’m teaching this semester, and despite all of my emotional hand-wringing in my last post, I genuinely enjoy it. I’ve got a good class and so far they’re working to do what […]