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Good Times, Bad Times

So, are humans a disease to this planet or demigods of power, possessing nearly unlimited strength and resilience? Am I the only person wondering if the human race has long outlived the patience of any divine being? 2018 is weird, man. ***** I was raised in conservative Fundamentalism, a sliver […]

Not sure America had a mind to lose…

In a long article in this week’s Atlantic, Kurt Andersen builds the argument that America’s teetering march toward extreme individualism and non-rational thinking were pushed over the edge by the relativism of the 60s, and here we are now as a result. “How America Lost Its Mind” (The Atlantic) “In […]

Why all the fuss over RHE?

The amount of controversy kicked up by Rachel Held Evans never fails to amaze me. She says stuff I disagree with, stuff I agree with, and a lot of stuff in between that¬†just represents …. ideas. Not brilliant or heretical or life-altering. Occasionally perceptive, deep, and moving. So it was […]


Sometimes I pretend that disparate ideas can actually belong together in a post if I just throw them all in here…. ***** Ecclesiastes tells us it’s better to go to a funeral than a party but that’s still a hard pill to swallow. Attended the viewing on Friday of a […]