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My Fav Children’s Book: The Dot and the Line

Norton Juster, who wrote the ever-delightful party of puns The Phantom Tollbooth, also wrote a wonderful little parable called The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics.

I’ve used the book in my classroom for years when introducing the differences between Romanticism and Neoclassicism, but the story is just perfect on its own, especially in the form of a 1960s cartoon.  Everything I love about literature, puns, wordplay, and midcentury design meet in this short film.

Enjoy. 🙂

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I used to teach and hopefully will do so again someday.

My dream job would be a cross between barrista and consultant, with a large helping of international travel and bohemian wandering through concerts, museums, galleries, and open spaces.

Somewhere back in time, my students started calling me "RameyLady" and the name stuck. I like it. There's a Ramey-man too. He's a much better writer but he seems to be too humble to share it with the least, not yet.

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