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I just heard about an amazing effort to prevent infanticide among Amazonian tribes in Brazil, and an immediate opportunity to help them out by donating clothes, diapers, and other supplies THIS WEEK to a mission team traveling from Erskine College. I told the team leader I’d try to get the word out in the Upstate to those who might be inclined to help.

Who I’m talking about

The Brazilian government until recently turned a blind eye to the continuing practice of some remote tribes to kill newly-born babies with apparent birth defects or multiple births. These children would be buried alive in order to “remove the curse” from the family & the village.

A missionary couple who had been on the field for over 20 years and already working in the area stepped into the gap recently to provide a home for these children. Over the past couple years they’ve raised the funds to buy a house and staff it with caring personnel to take in the many children who need to be rescued. As you can imagine, it’s a huge task.

Ministry:  Father’s Heart, run by Barry & Vanita Hall, in association with Global Outreach Mission.

Ministry Facebook page 

Ministry brochure (PDF) 

How I heard about this

David Earle, one of my awesome co-workers at Erskine College
David Earle, one of my awesome co-workers at Erskine College

I work with David Earle, Vice President for Advancement at Erskine College. David has a deep heart for missions and organized a mission trip for Erskine students this summer to the Amazon basin. Their primary task is to provide support for a medical missions group traveling the Amazon by boat.

But when David came across the Father’s Heart ministry in April and described their incredible ministry to his team, the students immediately asked to give up their sight-seeing days in order to spend time with the Halls and the children they’ve rescued.

What I’m asking for

David’s team can all travel with an extra suitcase packed full of supplies for the Halls’ ministry.   They would like to bring a variety of items for children of all ages, including cloth diapers, clothing (for all sizes & ages), personal care supplies, sanitizer, school supplies…..

Suggested donations (PDF) -click to view/download/print

If you want to check out the team’s fundraising page (though the goal data hasn’t been updated), go here

Deadline for sending items with the team:

The team leaves on Friday, May 24th.  

How to help

  • If you want to bring items listed on the PDF to my house in Anderson for the team to take to Brazil next week, I’ll deliver them to David & the team on your behalf.
    I’ll take my last load to Erskine on Thursday morning, May 23.

  • If you want to speak with David Earle in person to get more information or organize a separate donation, you can reach him via phone at Erskine College or email.

Again, the team leaves on Friday … I’m just here to rally folks to help them pack their suitcases full of great materials to support this amazing children’s ministry.

Every little bit can help.


Thanks for listening. Feel free to share this message to any who would want to help.


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