A Valentine to Coart

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by me + chatGPT

Fair Valentine, my love, I sing of thee,
Whose sweetness doth enchant my every day.
Thou makest life a joyful harmony,
And turnest gloom to sun with love’s bright ray.

Thou art the flower that doth in me bloom,
The honeyed sweetness that doth make life dear,
The balm that heals my heart in every gloom,
The music that doth make my heart sincere.

With every breath I take, my love for thee,
Doth grow and flourish like a verdant vine,
And in my heart, forever shalt thou be,
The one that maketh life a valentine.

My dear Coart, with love that knows no bounds,
My heart doth sing thy praises with sweet sounds.

Hi, chatGPT! Would you write a shakespearean-style sonnet about my husband Coart for Valentine’s Day? Include details about how he is so sweet to me; he makes my life better in so many ways; I love him forever.

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