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I haven’t had a working piano (digital or “real”) in the house for a long time. I think the pedal module broke on my Clavinova in like 2007 and I never found a way to connect with Yamaha to ask a terrifying question (is it even possible to fix, since the motherboard connection was broken off?) The big ol’ 1920s player piano that’s been in my life since I first started taking piano lessons as a kid sits in my kitchen, but it would cost thousands to repair. Maybe someday.

A friend of mine had an “extra” spinet that needs a home, at least temporarily, so we moved his good little piano into the library under the window. I need to dig out my piano books, but I’ve been able to hit the keyboard again for the first time since 2016!

I was astounded at how much my hands and body remember of how to play piano. I was worried I’d have to go back to the true basics and spend a week just trying to re-master scales or reading leger lines (those are always a nemesis). Nope. I am not quick on complex passages, but all the skills are still there. The brain is amazing.

What’s CRAZY – and this *is* new — is that after playing the piano, I often return to my home office to continue working. And THEN my hands and brain are completely confused!

I try to type a word and my brain tries to translate those letters into notes or the finger positions for typing common words into chords. It’s like the code-switching from keyboard to keyboard doesn’t come as easily!

I usually end up looking down a bit and reorienting myself to the new physical space and the different job I’m asking my hands to do.

Come to think of it, in the past, I’ve rarely been able to go from piano keyboard straight to computer keyboard; usually I was at an evening rehearsal, so I’d go home and wind down, read a book maybe. In college, it was a small trek from practice studio to dorm room. Those transitions probably gave my brain a chance to adjust.

I’m curious whether — assuming I can get into a regular habit of playing at least a little bit regularly — the keyboard brain issue will go away.

P.S. Good to be at a keyboard again. Struggling to decide what to learn. Church music dominated my music pursuit for nearly 30 years. Seeking a new goal.

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