Engaging with “Can’t Even”

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I wrote a post last week in an attempt to lay out what I think is a biblical response to the ridiculousness of a Trump presidency. I’ve had so many “can’t even” moments in the past week, I’ve run out of curse words and I’ll need to call my congressmen every day for a month just to discus one issue per day from the train wreck of Trump’s first 98 hours as President.

I’m worried that I’ll be weary of well-doing before I even get started. I’m a pretty chill person most of the time with politics and policy because I can see a lot of points of view and find elements that merit respect in them … but that is not this administration thus far.  I’ve seen bald-faced lies, “alternative facts,” and a head-long rush toward dismantling anything that would reign in the American gods of capitalism, individualism, profit, or plutocracy.

OK. So this is it, huh? This is the battlefield: Rejecting apathy. Refusing to disengage and let everything go to hell as it will.

I’m not rich, I have little power. But I am white, and I am educated. So I’m going to use what little position, what little “privilege” I have to speak up and speak out.  I fear that ‘the least of these’ will bear the brunt of nearly every change Trump has made via executive order in the past 72 hours.  Note I said ‘nearly’ – not everything has been a disaster. But mostly.

I’ve got this angry ball of ….anger…. sitting in the pit of my stomach. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this. I don’t know if it’s ever been caused by political events. It’s going to be a weird 4 years.

My Action To-Do List:

  • Call both SC senators and my House rep in support of the ACA. It’s a flawed law, but handing control to the States simply means red states will continue to stomp on the poor. If Republicans wish to fix the law, great! Let them actually fix it without hurting more people in the process.
  • Call Senator Scott – SC to request that Betsy DeVos be rejected for DoE. No one who wants to destroy a system should be put in charge of it. Not when the data supporting charter schooling is inconclusive at best. Yes, we need to “fix” education. Start by scrapping the billions-a-year testing bullshit. Call your school board and work on that too.
  • Ditto for Tillerson as Secretary of State. Can’t Even. Absolutely Can’t Even with that one.
  • Contact SC reps in support of a gas tax to fix our damn roads. I mean, really. SC governs so poorly. Never any money for infrastructure.
  • Contact Congressmen to denounce Trump’s connections to Dakota Pipeline building companies, his refusal to release his tax returns because “no one cares” (Conway said), his gag order against scientists in multiple agencies
  • Contact Congressmen to express support for the Syrian refugee program Trump will likely end tomorrow, and to disagree with his impending ban on immigration from “Muslim” countries. If you, as a Christian, cannot stand up against this action against an entire religion while basking in American freedom of religion (which is how your church gets out of paying any taxes), you are a hypocrite.

That’s a start. I’m tired already. Mad as hell, still.

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