Is everyone selling something?

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Raise your hand if you’re tired of clicking on a friend’s post or blog entry thinking it’s going to be something useful and interesting only to discover it’s basically a sales pitch for whatever they’re selling….

I guess networked sales have always been around, at least as long as capitalism drives the way we all make a living. And I’m all about people having a chance to make a living.

I don’t even mind (much) when someone I know personally includes me on their sales call list. …. once.  And only once. (I don’t buy much of what gets sold that way, but I guess you’re welcome to try.)

But when I see someone’s post pop up in my feed, and it’s got a good title and opening hook, and then I go read the post only to discover that really they’re just trying to sell me a juice cleanse / fitness program / financial management product  ….

*shakes head* So disappointing.

Perhaps this is one area where a compartmentalized life might be the better choice?

I know, it’s a pipe dream. The whole point of social media is to swirl together every aspect of life into a discussion and networking soup. 

I guess I’m starting off 2016 kinda cranky.  😉

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