In defense of daylight savings time

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I think it must be the cool, hipster thing to do to hate on time change.

It’s all over my Facebook feed. “Murder Daylight Savings Time!” the headlines scream. “Stop stealing this hour!” “It makes the kids into raving lunatics!” (that’s probably true).

I don’t get the hate…..

Maybe it’s nostalgic for me, but I like the rhythm of the seasons, even when that throws off my sleep schedule for a week.

It’s rougher in March when we lose an hour and I feel like a zombie. But “spring forward” also means “take heart! Winter isn’t here forever! It’s getting warmer! It’s getting lighter!”

And the fall-back Sunday blesses us with an hour of rest just as we head into the rush of the holidays. As someone who hates dark and cold weather, I do appreciate driving to work in the morning with the sun already in the sky.  Yeah, it’s dark by suppertime, I get it. But at least I feel well-rested for a week at the start.

I don’t get the DST hate.  It seems to make sense to me that moving the clock back and forth, though it provokes plenty of bitching, also gives us clear beginning and end points to Winter. We know it’ll be dark, we know this ritual of chronometric wizardry doesn’t add any real time to the day, we have to punch some buttons on the electronics to make the times add up.

But we also know that standard time will end come next March, and so will the cold and the darkness and the drear that comes with the Season of Deadness.

I say, keep it. Springing forward and falling back doesn’t wreck everything, it just wrinkles our lives a little. Maybe people are angry because we’ve let the clock take over too much power in our lives anyway.  Get up when it’s light. Go to bed when you’re tired.

And for crying out loud, stop making kids go to school before 9am…..


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