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I’ve had my shingle out for years doing freelance graphic design work, but a recent personal brand/identity project spurs me toward making a more formal announcement.

So yeah. I’ve been doing print layout and design for about half my life, longer if you count my teen years when I learned calligraphy (the start of my design career, really).

If you know me, the yellow spatter makes PERFECT SENSE. Yeah?
If you know me, the yellow spatter makes PERFECT SENSE. Yeah?

Have I ever told you the story behind the nickname “RameyLady”? It’s not really that much of a story. A teenager who wasn’t one of my students but who became a dear, sweet friend after I met her (thanks to my students, with whom she was friends) dubbed me “RameyLady” in contrast to “The Mister.” The honorific stuck and picked up wider usage among the kids we were working with at the time. I like it.

And below are a few work samples, mostly poster design or associated web graphics. You’ll notice that I have done a lot of show posters for The Fire Tonight. It’s a fun creative outlet. But I thoroughly enjoy page layout and design for books and magazines.

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