Article worth reading: Christians and Marijuana

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Christians and Marijuana.

^ This post is worth your time.

I haven’t seen a lot of discussion within Christian evangelical circles on the nuanced question of marijuana use once it’s legal.

John offers two strong arguments worth considering. Neither is a knee-jerk reaction.


  1. Okay, I’m not a Christian, (though I used to play on their team) so I won’t try to claim any authority on that point. I do, however, have over 30 years of personal experience with marijuana, in addition to having read extensively on the subject. The first thing that strikes me about this post is that his story of personal experience was from his youth, and I saw nothing to lead me to believe that he continued smoking into his more mature years. The second point that grabbed my attention was his claim that when smoking pot, you will pretty much by definition be getting drunk every time.
    I’m going to tackle the second point first. My Christian friends that drink alcohol generally don’t do so to get drunk, but, from my observations, they are not just drinking for their health. A couple of drinks can aid in relaxing after a stressful day, or can bring on a pleasant buzz that can add to the pleasure of an evening spent with friends. These are primary reasons why my Christian friends drink; they don’t have to go all the way to drunk to enjoy relaxing and social enhancing qualities of alcohol. Anyone who has continued smoking into their years of maturity understands that marijuana functions in just this way as well. You don’t have to be Cheech and Chong every time you light up. A mature and experienced pot smoker knows just how much to smoke and just when to stop to get to the desired effect. When trying a new source, the experienced smoker carefully gauges it’s potency to learn how much will do what. In addition to relaxing and enhancing evenings with friends, marijuana can greatly aid in solo self reflection and meditation, and once again, the experienced user learns how much to smoke for this result.
    I have no problem with Christians deciding that smoking goes against their code, but if Christians who drink alcohol with no problem feel that it is somehow beyond the bounds to smoke weed, all they are doing is showing that they profoundly misunderstand weed.
    Which brings me to my first point. It sounds like the man who wrote this piece is drawing on his experience as a teen/twenty something for his idea of what pot is. Of course, with both smoking and drink, this period is more often represented by excess, bad choices, and an inability to fully understand consequences. To base ones idea of cannabis on ones youthful excess as if that were the norm or only way to experience it strikes me as both narrow and foolish.


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