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The Realities of Being a Public Educator | molehills out of mountains

You see, school isn’t just about education any more. It is about meeting the needs of the “whole child,” and that requires a lot of work, and adequate resources. Public educators are truly on the front lines of pressing social issues such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, broken families, depression, and mental illness (obviously this list could go on). It is not a question of whether or not that is the role of an educator — that is the reality. In fact, it makes sense for this to be a function of our schools. Educators spend countless hours with students, so they are in an ideal position to identify and help address the needs, and concerns, of their students, families, and communities. The issue is that without adequate resources, it is extremely difficult, even impossible, to adequately meet the needs of the whole child, while at the same time, ensuring they master academic standards. Both need to happen, for ALL children.

via The Realities of Being a Public Educator | molehills out of mountains.

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I write. I design. I cook. I read. I make music. I talk to people -- all kinds of people.

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