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Music Monday: Worldly, Jazzy, Bluesy, Awesome [Snarky Puppy, Hiatus Kaiyote]

We live in a charmed age.  The Internet is truly a magical place – musicians can find each other across any distance or length of time to collaborate and challenge the very notion of genre.

So I offer you two groups of musicians who are doing cool things. Give them both a listen.


A group of musicians met in college and in addition to burying their heads in the billions of hours of practice demanded of music majors in jazz or classical performance programs, these musicians started jamming together to build songs as a group…. eventually moving their project from Texas to NYC. The interracial nature of the group and cross-genre mix of influences (from hip-hop and jazz to straightforward white-guy rock and marching band horn section combine with some alchemy into “music for your body and your mind.”  I dare you to listen to the video below without smiling, bopping your head, or stopping what you’re doing to watch the horn or percussion solos.

Album to Enjoy (Spotify)


Somewhere in …Australia? … a woman with a sultry voice and R&B chops joins her excellent bandmates in tunes that are so icy-chill you might freeze…. until those hot rhythms heat up your soul. Really. Give this track a full listen:

Album to try:

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I write. I design. I cook. I read. I make music. I talk to people -- all kinds of people.

I used to teach and hopefully will do so again someday.

My dream job would be a cross between barrista and consultant, with a large helping of international travel and bohemian wandering through concerts, museums, galleries, and open spaces.

Somewhere back in time, my students started calling me "RameyLady" and the name stuck. I like it. There's a Ramey-man too. He's a much better writer but he seems to be too humble to share it with the least, not yet.

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