It gets better from here, right?

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Seriously, y’all, this has been the longest week ever.

I guess that’s always the way it goes when you try to get things rolling again after a long vacation (all hail the two-week Christmas break!) but still, this week was working extra-hard just to be difficult, yannow what I mean?

I’ve found my patience lacking this week as annoyances mounted.  “Annoying” is a funny concept.  Basically, it’s 100% subjective. I’m annoyed because I’m annoy-able.  A lot of it has to do with me. But external circumstances didn’t help either.

The deep cold freeze on Wednesday night broke a pipe under the master bathroom vanity.  To be entirely fair, I have to mention that the pipe was exposed to a lot of cold partly through shoddy construction (thanks, housing boom!) and mostly through the destructive activity of the fire ants who worship at the temple of our air conditioning unit. (I guess the AC unit’s vibration is like…. porn for fire ants. They swarm the area.)  The ants had consumed the insulation around the pipe and the cold snap did the rest.

Nothing like coming home to a flooded bathroom, closet, laundry room, and bedroom (partly).

On the upside, now that the bathroom vanity has been yanked away from the wall and the linoleum removed to help dry the floor, I’ve got all the initiative I need to start that bathroom renovation I’ve always wanted to do.

Anybody got any great bathroom decorating ideas? I’m shopping around….

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