We Zombify Those We Want to Hate

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“As Christians, we can’t preach about the cross as a life-giving moment, while continuing to participate in the same dehumanizing, degrading, and justifying of violence that allowed Rome to nail our Savior to the cross.

That doesn’t mean we should ignore crimes when they occur or cease to hold people accountable for their actions. But as Christians, regardless of the circumstances, we are to love both neighbor and enemy alike, not strip them of their humanity and justify their oppression whenever we see fit.”

– See more at: http://theamericanjesus.net/2014/12/10/thugs-illegals-king-jews/#.dpuf

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  1. Everyone is more than one thing. Everyone is more than the worst thing that they ever did. This is a simple and vital fact that our whole culture, both Christian and secular seems to forget. Perhaps it is too hard to remember, to practice. Anyone can weep for an obvious victim. It takes true enlightenment to weep for the abuser. It is so simple to divide the world into us and them, saints and monsters, but it is a false dichotomy.

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