Calm before the storm

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Seriously, y’all.

We have done a ton of work at my office in the past month few months year.

I am nearly giddy with excitement to know that in just 48 hours, all of this will be over.   The 175 celebration extravaganza festival onslaught has been fun and all, but seriously.  I have worked on this long enough. lol

DVD artwork by Becky Sims
DVD artwork by Becky Sims

We’ve got a film now– produced, edited, wrapped, and pressed, including case artwork,

a full event planned (yay! posters! I got to do that part),

a museum exhibit installed (as you know, since I won’t shut up about it LOL),

a premiere event planned & ready to go (thanks, Liz Noblitt Phillips!),and about a thousand other things done.

Yeah, a magazine. That too.

Under the Towers stage
What an adorable stage, right?

No one has stabbed anyone yet and I think most of the event plans are in place for Saturday to be just awesome.  It looks like even the weather will cooperate.

And if things really are as smooth as they seem, once Saturday afternoon rolls around and the initial rush is over, I hope to sit under the trees in a camp chair and talk with friends while we watch the sun drop behind the Towers as music plays and a dude juggles fire.

Oh, and caramel corn.

Yay!  We done good.

But SERIOUSLY.   Way too much work, way too few people.

It’s 2am.  I’m wired like an electric fence. Haven’t sipped coffee since 11am, I promise.  It’s the nervous energy of a major event that could — probably won’t — spin out of control. What am I forgetting? What did we not think to do?  Who’s going to be offended at an honest omission that comes across as a slight? 

Gonna try to sleep now. Come see me on Saturday. It’ll be rad. I promise.


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