Humanities, Religion, and Higher Ed

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Sanctuary for the Humanities – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

^^ Take a couple minutes to read the article here, by Christopher Noble.

Though I find myself deeply sympathetic with his premise, that only “people of the Book(s)” can fully value the humanities, there’s a lot about this article that bothers me.

For one, I think he caricatures agnostics and atheists.  I don’t find my friends who hold those positions to be less interested in texts and discourse; I think they’re far MORE engaged in the humanities than many religious people.

Second, doesn’t his argument dehumanize people?  He’s kind of saying, “The humanities don’t matter unless you believe in God.”  But I thought the humanities mattered because all of us are HUMAN ….  You know, imago Dei and all that…..

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