Resolving the resolve again! (she resolved)

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The Power of Writing Every Day – A.J. Juliani.

^This post (above) was an encouraging yet needling reminder that I often fail to make the changes necessary to accomplish my personal goals. The author chronicles his development into a man who writes 1,000 words a day in pursuit of writing curriculum, blogging about education questions, and writing a book.  I admire his courage and perseverance….. and then almost didn’t write today because I didn’t feel like it.

Yes, I catch the irony of that sentence.  🙂 So here I am.

I don’t have any lofty publishing goals, but I do want to contribute more thoughts to particular areas of my interest:  redemptive, relational teaching; interdisciplinary education and curriculum; the role of Christians in living the Gospel in its fulness, not ignoring either the hard work of thinking rightly about theology or the hard work of loving others using our hands and feet (and not just our mouths and brains).

(I also would like to clean my house, finish painting two rooms, lay a new floor, throw out about 1/3 of what we currently own, manage not to kill the 3 houseplants on the front porch, and make it to work on time next week despite having Messiah rehearsals nearly every night.)

Little by little, one travels far. 🙂

Got any goals you’re trying to keep?

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