Reissue: Much Ado About Nothing shirt, Art Deco

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Hey all! I noticed that Zazzle has a 30% sale running on shirts today so I decided to refresh the Art Deco-inspired shirt design for NCS’s 2009 Much Ado About Nothing production.  It’s a general design that anyone could wear, and I added one of my favorite Beatrice moments (quotes) on the back for a new ladies’ shirt.

If you’re in the mood to shop, the discount code is SPRINGSFLING (Guys, there are men’s shirt styles available in my store too. )

Ladies' Much Ado shirt , click to see in store
Ladies’ Much Ado shirt , click to see in store

I continue to be surprised at how many strangers buy my Hamlet shirt from 2007. Zazzle has changed their printing process so the design isn’t working for that shirt anymore. I plan to refresh that one next.

The photo at the top of this post is from our production, set in a 1920’s speakeasy (photography by Rebecca Perkins Photography, taken at McGee’s Irish Pub).

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