So, it’s been a while

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Moving to WordPress made my blog much easier to maintain than it was on Xanga.  But I also feel like more people are disappointed in me over here on WP – I write in spurts, so people who’d rather read a steady stream of content may find me too sporadic.

My creative well for writing refilled itself a little faster when my job focused  on teaching writing not generating copy. Now my work hours are filled  with much more creative thinking and output (rather than employing creativity as a means to achieve a classroom goal).  Draining the well at work each day means I’ve lost a lot of my impetus to write by the time I get home.

I think that’ll even out soon — I finally feel like I’ve got my feet under me in my job (with all of its may parts).  When I’m not spending so much mental energy trying to figure out how to tackle my to-do list, my will to write is returning.

So – all that to say – sorry if you’ve been around and noticed that I’ve been quiet. I don’t want to fill my blog with just links to other content, though I do stumble across a lot of great articles in my daily journey through social media.   I have several new posts planned for the remainder of the month, including more in my Backstory series.

I hope the coming spring finds you doing well.  If you’re reading my blog and I don’t know you, feel free to introduce yourself in the comment section.

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