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Our friends Chris & Emily make independent movies. Really good, really awesome, really thoughtful movies that usually make me cry. So when they decided to make a movie about independent movie makers, I was pretty excited.

Chris wrote a great post recently about how this film, Cinema Purgatorio, grows out of their experiences. Sorta.

I appreciate their perspective on the indie-film culture that can chew up so many artists who are pursuing the good in their art and storytelling. We, the audience, love to consume. We want cheap media, tons of Netflix content, free music downloads, and inexpensive theater tickets.

But there can be problems with that (if I may let Chris wax serious fora moment):

We think film festival culture is self-perpetuating, built to advance the festival over the filmmaker…not unlike many US arts organizations that consume artists rather than nurture them, support them, and promote them.

via True Story? — Chris White HQ.

I promise Cinema Purgatorio won’t be a heavy film. I can promise that without having seen it, because 1) I was in one scene (whee! tiny role! extras rock!) and 2) because I know Chris and Em, and I know how witty and lovely they are when telling stories.

I know you want to watch the trailer for Cinema Purgatorio. Release date is early May.

And you ought to watch their other films too.

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