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Link: We Look Up To Households That Make Consensual Decisions And We’re Not Sorry | Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Considering the value of domestic work from a feminist/libertarian perspective. It’s a good read.

One thing is certain, and it’s a thing that Glass, and many others, elide. The laundry has to get done. You can talk theory all you like. You can praise traditional women’s work or you can denigrate it. You can reclaim it, or do it ironically, or make it a point of masculine pride to take it on, or to never do it. But the laundry has to be done.

What is feminist is not how you feel about it, or write about it, or whether you do it or pay someone else to do it for you. What is feminist (or not) is the set of assumptions you bring with you when you see a big pile of laundry that needs to be washed, and how couples engage in the process of deciding how it’s going to get done.

via We Look Up To Households That Make Consensual Decisions And We’re Not Sorry | Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

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