Natalee Whitesell on Finding Hope in Mental Illness | Ken Wytsma

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I’ve found that the communities/individuals that were the most healing were first Spirit driven, then solution driven. Jesus loves His church and I believe He’s calling the church to fight for the mentally oppressed. It may require the church wrestling a bit. Shedding some old skins. But that’s always a good thing. The people/churches that were and still are healing for me are those in whom I can smell Jesus. Disarming. Offering me a cup of tea in my worst moments and just being with me. Reminding me of the dignity inside, who I really am.

via Natalee Whitesell on Finding Hope in Mental Illness | Ken Wytsma.

The above interview with Natalee covers her new book, Dismantling Taboo, which discusses her personal journey through mental illness and offers thoughts on how the Church can move toward a healthier view of mental illness and the image bearers who suffer from it.

Sounds like an awesome book. Putting it on my to-read list for 2014.


  1. Sounds like a really great book! I like your point of how Jesus is calling us to fight for the mentally oppressed, it seems to taboo now to speak of it in the Church which is so unfortunate 😦 doesn’t help anyone that way!


    1. The quote is Natalee’s – but yes! the Gospel reaches out to all of our broken hearts. We’re the ones who are too afraid to let it work.

      Thanks for visiting!


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