Tide Ya Over

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Man, y’all. August has been a total whirlwind and its only the 7th.

Work is crankin with plenty of projects to design and manage; the hubby is about to start school again; we did a stint as relief house parents at Calvary Home for Children last weekend and another one coming up. So I’m not really sure whether I’m coming or going. And I’m definitely not making it to the computer to blog.

Just in case ya missed me, I’m going to leave you with some of my best short reads or watches over the past couple days. Rock on. Be back soon. 🙂

if you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s amazing Daft Punk video, stop everything and watch RIGHT NOW.

On a more sober note, the Jon Stewart Show ran an amazing piece about how we discuss racism in America. Sometimes satire really does do the best job of getting the point across.

A little Photoshop magic shows us what celebrities would really look like….

And the grossest trash story I’ve ever read. Really. Usually nothing gets to me, but I happened to run into this while eating lunch, and nearly lost it.

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