DC: The Overview

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Hey everrrrbody!

Dropped off the planet in order to enjoy a marvelous vacation in the wilds of DC. Oh yes, it is so wild. Have you seen a stampede off the Metro? Terrifying.

IMG_3222So, the hubby and I rolled northward on one of our overnight drives — we like to tackle lots of miles in the summertime when it’s dark outside. Several advantages: for one, the roads tend to be pretty empty, so you can zip through spaghetti interstate interchanges in major cities at Formula One speeds (an experience for sure).  For another, the Southern sun isn’t trying to murder you. And the drive always seems to go by faster. I assume most police are in bed by 2am on weeknights, so I put the cruise control on 80+ and barrel along.

That brought us into DC on Wednesday the 3rd around 5:30am. Technically, we weren’t in DC; we pulled into a Bruegger’s Bagels in Old Town Alexandria, VA because it was the only breakfast place even pretending to be open at 5:30.  I guess Alexandria folks aren’t all that “up and at ’em”…. though traffic on I-95 into DC was ridiculous starting at 4am and near Richmond.  Seriously, people.  Telecommute.

Our friends with whom we were staying pointed us to a guest room with a comfy bed and left us alone to rest a while.  We headed into the District later that afternoon to walk around the U Street and Columbia Heights areas, both undergoing serious gentrifiation. As the coolness rises, so do property rates and prices, pushing out historic residents. Not cool.

Urban color. Columbia Heights, DC
Urban color. Columbia Heights, DC

Our vacation led us to the Library of Congress, the war memorials on the Mall, to the side of the Potomac to watch the fireworks from afar, to many and sundry great places to eat (I think I’ll write a separate post on that one) and to the National Air & Space Museum annex at Washington-Dulles airport. THAT was epic, and gets its own post too.

Many laughs and miles later, we teleported home to go to work as if it hadn’t happened.  Man, these are the days when I miss being a teacher — that summer “down time” is really good for the soul.

It’s ok, though. I’m having a ball doing the print layout for a 28 page magazine for the College. It’s a good life.

*salutes* More thoughtful thoughts to come. 🙂


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