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A few articles that deserve your attention

Finally, the response to military sexual harassment that I’ve been waiting to hear.

If you’re going to start a startup, don’t get snagged by all the hype and myth and glamor. It’s just a start up…. and startups grow up to be corporate America.

An article I think I disagree with about creative people having the right to say no to anybody anytime about anything. OK, that’s not really what it says, and the author IS making a valid point about guarding your creative time. But I think the “cult of the creative muse” needs to get taken down a notch ….and I’m saying that as someone who really truly values creative energy by purchasing art, supporting local artists & filmmakers & musicians, and making art myself.

A ridiculously creepy piece about the leftover possessions of mental patients in a frightening asylum.  Sad.

Ron Paul & I agree for once! His take on the NSA spying scandal nails it.  Bugs me how post 9/11 Americans think the government exists to keep us safe. Hogwash. 

And two to make you feel happier about the world:

A teenager developed a better cancer diagnostic tool because (among other things) some wonderful educators taught her a course in 7th grade on futuristic thinking, which kicked off her AI/coding career. Awesome.

And this fellow in China is building amazing prosthetic limbs….because he had to.

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