If it’s good, it’s good.

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Something amazing has happened in the past 15 years, I think.

sci fi ship

Sci-fi is nearly “mainstream.”  The flood of sci-fi, comic book, fantasy, and stories set in an alternative universe has brought a wonderful world of stories to our doorsteps. My friends who used to raise an eyebrow at the idea of going to a “weird movie with aliens or orcs” are lining up to read Game of Thrones.

Some who love the niche-i-ness of sci-f and fantasy culture may lament the fact that their beloved underground passions aren’t so niche anymore. (Great article on geekdom and marketing Dr Who popped into my feed today)

The quintessential Hipster™ refuses to like anything once more than a few thousand people care to think about it. These two attitudes come from the same source, I think:  priding oneself in being on the leading edge of a trend rather than on the bandwagon.

And hey, that’s cool. I get it. I too enjoy a tiny sense of pride knowing that I listened to Mumford & Sons long before they were popular in the US (but only because some other, more-musically-aware friends of mine had already started talking about them).

But really, people —

Good music, good TV, good stories: These are good because of intrinsic quality, not because they’re popular.  I agree that the popular taste can seem like the lowest-common-denominator, but it doesn’t have to be.

Why wouldn’t we be THRILLED that more people love the stories and tunes that we’ve come to love?  I’m excited that I can connect to more people now because of  sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, anime, and video games.

Living in 2013 is so cool.   Go watch/read/hear something you would have never considered…. and encourage the rest of us to do the same.


    1. Great article! Enjoyed that.

      It, in turn, reminded me of Crichton’s point in Jurassic Park: there’s danger in the easy acquisition of knowledge you don’t have to earn.


  1. Why is “Sci-fi is nearly “mainstream” good? Also, I think this sort of obsessions were very existing during the star wars craze as well… not sure if it’s a super new thing. But yeah, I suspect Dr. Who is a big draw to sci-fi for a lot of younger people. But these “craze” moments have definitely happend with big sci-fi movies etc in the past — Star Wars, Alien + Aliens, etc.


    1. Yes, that’s true. But it seems like both the overall quantity AND quality of sci-fi films, TV series, and books is rising rapidly. IMHO.

      As to whether that’s good…..well, that’s entirely a value judgment on my part. I think there’s a lot of value to literature (and I include video/film in that category) that makes people think. Forces them to consider consequences or outcomes of current policies, choices, direction.


      1. I would disagree with the quality point 😉 And, actually, in terms of novels, sci-fi is very very very very secondary to fantasy at the moment — unfortunately.


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