App Review: OmmWriter (for Mac)

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Trying out a new writing app/tool called OmmWriter.

Basically, imagine combining a Tibetan temple with the experience of writing, and you get the drift.

The app opens to a full-screen, curiously calm and interesting faded background, with a text box in the middle. Controls appear to the right if you float your mouse over there, offering options for font type, size, and ambient noise.

The app dings and bonks and plinks along –randomly, perhaps? — as you type. I can’t find any evidence that my typing faster, slower, or not-at-all has any effect on the sounds. Tibetan calm it is.

OmmWriter's website offers plenty of information about the app and how it works.
OmmWriter’s website offers plenty of information about the app and how it works.

Weird? Yes.

Cool? Definitely?

If you are looking for a way to calm your brain from the random distractions (or yakking people one room over) to concentrate while writing, give OmmWriter a shot. App is available through the Mac App store.

Oh, and I should mention — I didn’t find any way to format text other than changing the size and font type (serif, sans serif, script, etc)….but the app offers a word count at the bottom of the text frame, and files can be saved as text, rich text, or PDF.

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