new year. new blog.

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I’ve been blogging for a long time, but never at WordPress. I spent the past 8 years or so on Xanga — it was a great ride, but the community absolutely died over there as blogging technology moved forward but Xanga’s platform didn’t. When Drakonskyr left, I knew it was done…but I held out hoping for a resuscitation. Didn’t happen.

So here I am, feeling a little out of place. A new kid on a big block wishing the small neighborhood had stuck around.

On the other hand, it’s great to open the door to new opportunities.  I’ve always wanted a wider readership for my blog (though I will sorely miss Xanga’s “protected posting” feature which let me explore controversial or even unkind thoughts to a VERY tiny audience of VERY patient readers).

I plan to rescue some of my best Xanga posts (and by “best” I mean “most useful or controversial or interesting or embarrassing or perhaps thoughtful”) and move them over here before things get rolling too much. In fact, if I do this right, you probably won’t even know I’m here till all that furniture-moving has been completed.

So. As 2013 approaches, I lift my head to the coming dawn and relish the opportunities it holds. *raises glass* Cheers.

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