Stop Chasing Safety

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The call of Christ to “take up your cross and follow me” is not a call toward safety, comfort, or ease.

It’s a call to join battle in a mop-up operation against an Enemy who has been defeated… but the terrorist cells hang on around the world.

God promises no safety outside Himself. 
The Psalmist calls God his “shield,” his “strong tower,” his “buckler,” his “defense.” David repeatedly calls out to God to rescue, save, deliver, remember, justify, vindicate. This is no easy walk.

When we chase safety….

*when we make our own peace more important than the Prince of Peace….
*when we refuse to trust God Himself with the hearts and souls of our loved ones, and set up our own extra-biblical defenses….
*when we call “truce” with people who do not ally themselves with Grace fully understood….
*when we retreat in the face of falsehood, error, condemnation —

we sell out and sit down on the sidelines of the great battle to see “the knowledge of God cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.”

Our King is King Jesus, and He reigns.

Stop chasing safety.

Do hard things.

Defend the oppressed, speak for the abused, love the orphans and fatherless, visit the widows in their affliction.

Tackle the hard problems of this world in the name of the King.

Love people the way God does:  All-out, full-bore, no-stops, both-hands. Fortissimo.

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