Goodbyes. Or “Must the big Polack go?”

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I think it was in a book somewhere that I picked up the idea of eschewing “goodbyes” in favor of “till next time.”  Goodbyes seem so final. I hope that my life’s path crosses back to those people I have met and lost to distance or change.

But “till next time” doesn’t mask the realities of leaving.

So it’s with a sad heart that I prepare to say “till next time” to James Bendowsky, my fellow teacher and friend. He’s moving back to Kansas thanks to the economy’s effects on private education in South Carolina.  ….Stupid recession.

I’m a sentimental soul, so I figured this is a good time to list out all the fun James memories I’ve collected in the past 3 years (or so).

  • Watching James chase the two Van kiddos around our living room in a hilarious hour-long cycle of fun and excitement for toddlers.
  • Dur-de-Dur-de-Dur! is now a trademarked phrase in NCS lingo
  • No school is cooler than a school with its own bagpipe player. Sadly, our coolness factor just dropped a bunch….
  • Seeing James grow & develop as an actor in my Much Ado About Nothing faculty production last January
  • Two words:  raw milk (I’m such a fan now)

In a school marked by a unique emphasis on “relational teaching,” the loss of one of our teacher-mentors affects every student at NCS. James led the high school trip to Virginia last year and accompanied the 8th graders to Washington DC this fall. He was always up for driving on a field trip or taking the kids out to learn something new. Those moments spent beyond the classroom walls yield rich soil for mentoring moments later.  The NCS family is losing a treasure in your departure. I’m sorry we never got to see your garden….

James, we will dearly miss you.
*I* will miss you.

mug shot
James was always such a great sport, willing to pick up roles in student plays and always help out anywhere he was needed. He was a perfect Big Bad Wolf.

God bless. 
May the Lord walk before you and order your steps.
May you know Christ in all the fullness and power of His love, His death, His resurrection.
May your labors be blessed by the Father, sweet to your soul, and pathways to understanding God and His Kingdom

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