…It always costs something

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“We may feel anger, as God does. 
We may feel hurt, as God does. 
We may feel disgust, as God does. 
Love not only allows these feelings; it requires them.” 

~Leslie Leyland Fields

… best statement of this aspect of love I’ve ever seen. Thanks, Camille, for finding this.

When you really start to try to love people, you quickly realize how incredible God must be as a Person, because we really don’t have any idea at all how much it COSTS to love someone who is imperfect.

Anything anyone has ever done to hurt me pales in comparison to what I have done to the Lord, or do to Him accidentally every day.

I get offended when people in whom I’ve invested repay me with malice, or betray my trust, or try to manipulate my emotions, or regard me as irrelevant until they “need” something…. but I do those things to God all the time.   I get frustrated easily and decide “loving people just isn’t worth it” … but God doesn’t give up on me.  I get tired of experiencing “grace always costs the giver” … does He?

So much still to learn.

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