Post-play scattered thoughts

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From my dustbin to yours…. the stuff floating around in my head today.

–Directors are always late to the after-parties.  That’s the biggest downside to directing, I think — we’re usually the last people to leave C108 because we have to make sure everything has been put away, the lights are off, the doors are locked, etc.  

sponsor McGeesI hate missing out on a party, and it honestly sucks to be half an hour late to every post-show celebration.  We arrive well after all the social groupings have claimed their spots and end up on the outer rim of anything interesting.  Plus I’m usually exhausted.  

I think there were like 60 NCS people at McGee’s after Hamlet for the official cast party… Coart & I basically showed up, said hi, ordered a drink, and went home. Wasn’t much point in staying.  I remember being rather disappointed. ….    Oh well.  *shrugs*

–Gartered stockings are far less uncomfortable than pantyhose.
Note that I did not say they are comfortable.  Just less uncomfortable. 
Weird-feeling, too.  

Just thought I’d share. *chuckle*

conrade and borachio–I’ve been really pleased by how well this (adult) cast has worked to get across the meaning of Shakespeare’s lines. They really dug in and got a deep understanding of what’s going on and why in the scenes.  We were short on rehearsal time, so a lot of the “aha!” moments have been coming during actual performances.   Better late than never.  It’s amazing to watch insight flash and then ignite a scene.

Joey commented to me yesterday while watching one of the scenes from the back, “You know, Shakespeare is like the Bible. Every time I watch this, I figure out something new about the lines, and it’s incredible.”   Yup.  One of my main reasons for loving the Bard. 

I love the beauty of his lines.  
It forms an aesthetic within your soul, a thirst for well-spoken English.  Even the comic lines are beautiful in their structure and word choices.  Much Ado is mostly prose, but even then the rhythm of the syllables just sings through the speeches.  

I hope the faculty chooses to do this again sometime.  It was a great experience. 

I’m happy to have my life back (“just” teaching seems SO easy after we close a production!).  
But it’s a good kind of “happy” — that full & satisfied feeling of “a job well done.”

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