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Exit: An Intro

A pair of inciting incidents this weekend have convinced me that there might be value in writing about why I no longer consider myself an Evangelical. My journey is hardly unique, but Christian culture is insular and people outside the orbit of “normal faith experience” often find themselves isolated and […]

Unintentional #Exvangelical

I often read about social movements on Twitter long before they hit any sort of mainstream discussion. If you can put in the time to curate your Twitter following, you can find quite a world of stimulating (and sometimes asinine) discussion. One subset of people I follow happen to be […]

Newspring without Perry

Last night, Newspring Church met offline with its congregants to discuss the future of the church without the rockstar fallen from grace Perry Noble. I haven’t kept up with the church’s pastoral drama in the past year, but I stumbled across a Twitter live-blog last night of the meeting, and […]

A fond farewell

Dear friends at NCC, After 15 years among you, we are headed out. You haven’t seen us much on Sundays for the past several weeks, and I apologize if itĀ felt like we “ghosted” you. It wasn’t my intention, but it’s kind of how things happened. I deeply appreciate everything I […]