Rainbow paint on a wall. Photo by Steve Johnson, via Unsplash

An #Exvangelical’s musings on Pride month

I’m not here to pick a fight (though I know there are many fighting words in this post). I’ve needed to say these words out loud for a while now, because I know there are others out there trapped in the horrible feeling that your only options as an Evangelical Christian are 1) to disappoint God and violate his law by loving and accepting your gay friends, or 2) to give up your gay friends, being nice to their faces while always, deep-down, being sad there’s “something wrong” with them that “only God can fix.”

I’m here to say, those aren’t your only two choices, friends. There are other orthodox ways to understand Scripture as a witness to God and His ways without turning every sentence into a rope to choke you.

It’s about loving your neighbor: The Flag Controversy

Anthony Bradley beat me to it: “The spirit of the Confedrate battle flag remains alive and well in South Carolina because conservative Republican evangelical Christians have yet to place “loving your neighborhood” ahead of a romantic idolatry of “states’ rights and the old south.” Until black people become more important than “the Southern way of life” by white Christians, who hold the state’s economic and political power, the community of discourse that produced this shooter could keep producing people who are just as evil.”