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Enter stage left.

I’ve never been a professional in the world of theater arts. Plenty of ancillary experience via amateur investments of time …yielding a comparable level of skill. In other words, I’m a dabbler, not a master. Not even an apprentice.  The closest I’ve come to above-amateur theater involvement (with people who know what […]

A Hamlet for the looney bin

I love Hamlet. Really, it’s an addiction. I’ll take Hamlet in nearly any form. I prefer good Hamlet, but I’ll even put up with a mediocre Hamlet just to hear those lines come out of the mouths of people up on their feet acting them out.   I like film […]

On All Things Directorial

…Musings on theater, life, and directing…. seasoned with a bit of “after midnight.” And written in the crucible of preparing the Advanced Drama students for their production of And Then There Were None. I don’t “do theater” for a living. (See, the proof is in the fact that I generally […]

Notes on “Notes from Underground”

I thought about titling this note “Notes Squared.” lol I don’t usually get to see the same play 4 times unless I’m in it, directing it, managing it, or somehow in charge of worrying about something connected to it (which tends to destroy my appreciation). Thus, such a refreshing change […]