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In need of justice

From the book The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander p175 More African American adults are under correctional control today–in prison or jail, on probation or parole–than were enslaved in 1850, a decade before the Civil War began. The mass incarceration of people of color is a big part of […]

Not just believing. Acting.

For a variety of personal reasons, I find myself musing these questions lately: 1. Can we make any real progress against poverty, sickness, hatred, abuse? The sin is in us, in our hearts from the beginning. Yet I believe the Gospel is bigger than our collective and individual sin, and […]

Why I can’t buy into Ayn Rand (Part 2)

Yesterday I began a discussion of the recent uptick in interest in Ayn Rand’s economic ideas among conservatives.  With half of my friends reading Rand’s novels and discussing how awesome her ideas of individualism are and how well that fits into their libertarian or highly-conservative political views, I felt like it […]