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Good reads this week

I fell out of the habit of cataloguing the stuff I run into as I traverse the ‘Net for work and pleasure. It was a good habit; I’m going to restart it. An old one (from 2014), but still very good. Rape culture is borne out of the idea that […]

Trust the process

“The Process.” We should printĀ it in big, bold letters because that’s how this idea rolls: The Process. ***** I’m teaching this semester, and despite all of my emotional hand-wringing in my last post, I genuinely enjoy it. I’ve got a good class and so far they’re working to do what […]

Institutionalized racism sucks

…and it should be a major part of Gospel work to dismantle it. Good read: Covenants of Exclusion If the Fall wrecked human society and institutions in addition to individuals — and institutionalized racism is a perfect example of how sin affects more than individual people — then the Gospel […]