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The Educational-Industrial Complex

Sometimes in my academic & research reading, I run across the pejorative term “the military-industrial complex.” I can’t say how long it’s been around; I sense that it hails from the Cold War and the peace-driven protests of the 60s which prompted schools like MIT to withdraw from putting their […]

Yeah, It Really Takes a Village

This article posted on the lovely site Good.Is caught my attention today: Want to Transform Public Education? Act Locally. The author suggests that parents really DO make a difference in their local schools when they visit campus, get to know the staff, come to understand the problem, and get involved […]

Thinking out loud: Education Reform

Having Erin, a world history/civics/economics teacher in the public school system, in the house this weekend has spawned some thinking on education. So in the interest of “bouncing around some ideas” … I think the education system in the US would be far more effective if we . . . 1. Stop expecting […]

It’s hard to make theory (or theology) and practice match. Recent experiences have drawn my thoughts toward the questions of how NCS as a school can better serve minorities, underprivileged, marginalized, and learning disabled students. It’s like the fences just keep getting higher. Everything about the private school model screams NO TRESPASSING. The classical […]

Has the system failed?

My life as a private school teacher with no kids has, by default, kept me pretty insulated from the public school system. I don’t have anything against public schools (unlike many people in my circles).  For one thing, a nation has a responsibility to educate its people for the good […]