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The joy of a fresh start

I’ve gone through the full cycle of feelings toward new year’s resolutions, from childish dedication to cynical 30-something rejection to a renewed appreciation. It’s not that new year’s resolutions really mean anything. Let’s be honest. I could dedicate my body to the gym on any day of the year. There’s […]


Around the time of my Hobbit Adult Birthday*, I began to notice something: Someone opened the spigot on my tear ducts. No, really. You gotta hear me out. ***** I don’t  know why I’ve become this person whose emotional lake rises to the surface and crests its shores at the […]

Hamster Wheels.

Is it just me, or are my fellow bloggers also weary of the hamster wheel of self-promotion and social media content marketing? Having a personal brand is all the rage these days.  Meanwhile Buffer, a tool similar to Hootsuite, reminds me each week that I haven’t “buffered” any tweets or […]