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We Zombify Those We Want to Hate

“As Christians, we can’t preach about the cross as a life-giving moment, while continuing to participate in the same dehumanizing, degrading, and justifying of violence that allowed Rome to nail our Savior to the cross. That doesn’t mean we should ignore crimes when they occur or cease to hold people […]

Christians must deal justly with abuse

I don’t like the narrative that demands we live our lives in fear.  Our 24/7 news cycle promotes a creeping terror that turns parenting into jail keeping and long nights of anxious terror about the “unknown unknown” about to destroy our families. But churches can be very resistant to implementing […]

Take action: South Carolina’s prison abuse

A couple days ago I mentioned this article published in The Atlantic covering the APPALLING treatment of mentally ill patients by the South Carolina prison system.  I’m not talking about making people uncomfortable or refusing to coddle criminals. This is criminally inhumane and I’m pretty angry. The judge’s statement about […]