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Getting Millennials to care about the democratic process

This entire piece is a great read, an examination of the growing divide between traditional media outlets (and their rapidly greying audience) and “New Media” like YouTube and Tumblr, which have the attention of Millennials. Problem is, the erosion of our primary news outlets into crazy shouting idiots has also eroded people’s faith in the democratic process. Hank Green writes a good analysis of this in his post on Mention.

A small excerpt, just to entice you 🙂

America needs to convince young people that there are good reasons to be civically involved. Millenials are soon to be the biggest hunk of the electorate and, if the mid-terms are any indication, they simply don’t care. And that shouldn’t be surprising since no one is connecting to them in the ways they connect with each other or talking about issues that matter to them from perspectives they can identify with.

Legacy media accuses young people of being apathetic while actively attempting to remove them from the discussion.

via Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President — Medium.

Link: why isn’t poverty getting more news coverage?

Ran across this article today in the Guardian. Recommend giving it a read. As America tries to drag itself out of recession, 15% of people here live under the poverty line. Why isn’t that a news story?

The Pew Research Cen­ter’s Project for Excel­lence in Jour­nal­ism found that out of 52 main­stream media out­lets analysed, cov­er­age of pover­ty amount­ed to less than 1% of avail­able news space from 2007 to 2012. It’s even more aston­ish­ing con­sid­er­ing that peri­od cov­ered a his­toric reces­sion.

One of the report’s con­clu­sions was that media orga­ni­za­tions chose not to cover pover­ty because it was poten­tial­ly uncom­fort­able to adver­tis­ers seek­ing to reach a wealthy con­sumer audi­ence. As Bar­bara Ehren­re­ich, who con­tributes arti­cles on social issues for Time Mag­a­zine, put it:

They don’t want real­ly depress­ing arti­cles about mis­ery and hard­ship near their ads.

guardian: About 15% of Americans live in poverty