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Good reads this week

I fell out of the habit of cataloguing the stuff I run into as I traverse the ‘Net for work and pleasure. It was a good habit; I’m going to restart it. An old one (from 2014), but still very good. Rape culture is borne out of the idea that […]

Late August Notes

Hey folks!  I offer here an overview of some of the cool media I’ve been reading/watching/playing/eating (you can’t eat media, but I need to give a shout-out to some great August food) this month. I’ll be honest,  it’s been really busy at work and things aren’t going to let up […]

August Game Reviews

Been playing a lot more board games lately.   Check these out: Top picks for August: Archipelago is a clear winner for me among everything I’ve played this week. It’s a semi-cooperative game that’s like Settlers on crack.  “Semi-cooperative” means the game is definitely competitive because each player pursues a personal […]