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Dress Like You Mean It, Part 1

Taken me a while to get back to this… but here’s a bit of thinking to keep everyone busy till I get back from England  I was stunned by the volume, clarity, and quality of comments my “preamble” post generated on the Facebook version of this conversation. I recommend checking them […]

Dress Like You Mean It: Part 0.5

Topic: Dress codes at Christian schools Standard disclaimers apply. The dress code question seems to be a Lose-Lose situation for nearly everyone involved: Students, nearly by definition, balk at restrictions of any kind on their free exercise of choice. Mix in a little adolescence and you’ve got a battle royale all ready […]

Dress Like You Mean It: Part 0

This is the first post in a series about the idea of dress codes. Figured I’d might as well warn you up-front.  Disclaimers: I’m writing as a Christian about Christians doing Christian-y things like education. If you aren’t in that situation but want to comment anyway, feel free. But I’m […]