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Link: Rob Bell, Jonah, and Redemption

I know people really love to hate Rob Bell, but his post below on getting the point of the biblical narrative is dead on, regardless of where you stand on biblical literalism. Just one problem. It’s possible to affirm the literal fact of a man being swallowed by a fish, making […]

Gender, Church, and More Questions

10 Ways Male Privilege Shows Up in the Church | The Junia ProjectThe Junia Project. ^ I appreciated this post because it sets in front of us a difficult question regarding male-female roles in the conservative Church. I fully understand why leadership positions are reserved for men in most Evangelical […]

A Culture of Questioning

Today’s Sunday School discussion about the “watchman” passage in Ezekiel 3 frustrated me. For one thing, Sunday School classes provoke some kind of odd warping of the time/space continuum. If the teacher is boring, time freezes in the presence of a black hole of active learning.  Give me an interesting […]