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The Long Haul is a Long Time. (Duh.)

Yesterday, I waxed statistical on some of the issues that underlie the demand for abortion in the US: mostly poverty, unplanned pregnancy, youth, and a lack of options. The crux of the issue between pro-life and pro-choice is this: Do women have viable options when they are confronted by an […]

USS North Carolina

big guns on the USS North Carolina

Wrapped up an amazing week in Oak Island, NC on vacation – which took us near the USS North Carolina, a WW2 era battleship “parked” in Wilmington, NC. So cool to scramble all over such a lovely lady of the sea.  I took some iPhone shots, focusing on details mostly […]

Can Christianity be racially integrated?

I’m asking the question because I doubt whether we’ve made much progress on this score. Here’s the article that sparked my thinking: Dismal parting for storied D.C. church and its first black pastor  (Washington Post) I mean, the whole thing is just a mess. I don’t think that church/pastor is […]