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The Psalms. And Cans of Woop-Ass.

Taken (new movie with Liam Neeson) is a lot of fun. Not deep, not believable, not even “quality”… just ass-whoopin’ fun.  There’s something satisfying about watching a father beat the shit out of the lowlifes who kidnapped his daughter.  It’s gratifying in some way that is onlymarginally godly.  (I think.) I’m not […]

No Greys

I am someone who believes firmly in “the gray area” when it comes to most of the sticky issues that come up in life. Due to our human limitations (and compounded by the twisting of our sin nature), we rarely see an issue clearly enough to slam down a black […]

The Tyranny of the Absolute

Further musings on legalism, liberty, and the difference between the two I am frustrated by people who paint me into a corner by forcing me to defend from Scripture my “right” to do something … instead of working within the boundaries of liberty set up by Scripture. They ask the […]