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Laughter is good for the soul

Your summer story challenge

So this is waaaaay too good to pass up:

I was Tumblr-delving today thanks to a tip from Ars Technica and found “Postcards from the Frontiers of Science” (wittily living at where someone is cataloging their adventures using an open-source neural net and feeding it data sets like paint colors or recipes and seeing what happens.

Is it funny? Oh, you betcha!

Right now my favorite might be the list of neural net generated story titles.  Who wouldn’t want to read or watch “The Excellent Very Broken Christmas” or “American Midnight: Swear Dragon”?  …I know I can’t wait.

So this is my challenge: Go to the link, find a title, and write me a story. It can be one sentence, it can be a whole manuscript. Knock yourself out.  Post it as a comment, or post the link to your blog/site/etc. If you’re more into art or cartoons, feel free to draw or design covers for these. #hilarityensues 

I’ll do at least one and post it as a comment sometime this week. And I promise you, if I were still teaching, you can be 100% sure this list of titles would be the basis for Monday’s writing lesson!

Story Titles, invented by Neural Network